Faux Concrete Walls: The Art of Home Transformation

False concrete walls can be inexpensive and simple to install to dress up your home. The process involves using a stencil and concrete overlay that transforms plain walls into beautiful brick designs.

Instead of topical sealers that rest on the surface, and then fade with wear, GBS Penetrating Sealer actually safeguards the substrate through sealing molecular gaps. It is therefore a better option for areas such as brick, stucco and concrete.


If you’re interested in the look of concrete walls but don’t have the money or time to pour them, consider making faux wall panels. The panels are easy to keep clean and are lightweight with polyurethane coated surfaces. Additionally, they do not require installation by a professional which means you’ll lower the costs of installation and transform your space yourself.

You can also achieve the look of a concrete surface by using paint or drywall compounds. They’re less costly than concrete resurfacers. However, they don’t have the same look.

The LOFT Raw is a cement-like wall paint that is able to be applied easily and offers an urban look gia son gia da. This is a fantastic alternative to concrete wall paint and is as close as it is to the raw concrete. For application, first wet the area with an absorbent sponge (work for 20-30 square feet at a duration of 20-30 sqft). Utilize a trowel made of stainless steel to apply LOFT RAW in order to get the appearance of a “raw finish”.

Best Sealant for Faux Concrete

The best choice for sealing the fake concrete walls is a permeable sealer such as Enhancer Shield, which is offered in water- and solvent-based formulations. The sealer acts by moisturizing the surface of concrete, making it resistant to moisture and deicing salts. It does not change its texture or cause harm. This is a great alternative for outdoor surfaces since it can greatly cut down chances of freezing-thawing and spalling, as being able to stop the growth of mildew as well as staining.

It is easy to use. Simply scrape off the peeling paint. Sand or etch concrete, if needed. Rinse, and allow to dry. Two coats of the paint are applied using nap rolls that measure 1/4 inch in size brush, pump sprayer, or a sprayer. In the interval, wait 10 minutes between. The concrete should be dry in 4 hours. You’ll be able for driving or walking on one day. In addition, it will be waterproof within 72 days. This is a sturdy, inexpensive option for securing concrete floors.

Faux Concrete Wall Maintenance

The fake concrete panels create a home that has a contemporary design. They are ideal for homeowners who don’t wish to shell out money or effort to build authentic concrete walls, but desire the appearance of it. These panels are also evaluated as being fireproof and weather-resistant.

In contrast to concrete, fake concrete panels don’t need to be put into molds, and they are much easier to wash. Polyurethane is the main ingredient used in making faux concrete panels. This durable material can be resistant to scratches and impacts. To ensure that these panels look as new, wipe them down with gentle cloth.

The pillar section of the west wall is being repaired with cement. many holes as well as the areas that have been eroded. It will take about 2 days.

Protecting Faux Concrete Surfaces

Concrete is an extremely durable, reliable and highly resistant material, which is used in a assortment of industrial purposes. But it’s not impervious and, if left untreated with the proper care and protection concrete industrial surfaces could very quickly be damaged by environmental pollutants.

If it is used as countertops, floors or walls, it is important that concrete surfaces be protected from damage caused by moisture. There are many tried-and-true methods to protect concrete surfaces. It’s best to talk with a concrete surface protector expert to find the right product for your environment.

A decorative paint application on concrete surfaces can produce an incredible effect. A faux-finisher Kim Longoa transforms an outdoor concrete patio to a comfy, carpeted lounge area by using stencils that are adhesive and applied stain. Stenciling techniques and faux finishing was also employed to create an edging path for slate that wraps between red pavers and an lily pond.

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