Looking For Portable Reader? Switch To Wireless Barcode Reader

When comes to a barcode reader, can be described as an optical scanner that aids to read printed barcodes the data is decoded and sent to a computer. This data can consist of inventory and price levels. For both employees and employers, it can benefit a lot. Just like a flatbed scanner, it comprises a lens, light source, and for optical impulses translation into electrical signals a light sensor is there. In terms of wireless barcode reader(เครื่องอ่านบาร์โค้ด ไร้สาย), they are also just like normal barcode readers but don’t have any wire as the name suggests.


  • Battery-powered- The wireless barcode readers are battery-operated, which means that fail to have to be plugged generally into an electrical socket. In simple words, it won’t affect the data collection in case there is a power outage.
  • Ease of use- Wireless barcode reader offers a user-friendly design. Don’t worry about wires or cords as the users can get into scan items and tight spots on pallets present in the warehouse.  For mobile barcode readers, the most common design is a model of a gun-shaped that in the hand fits comfortably.
  • Remote capabilities- Without needing to be linked to a system of centralized operating, the barcode reader can be used remotely.


  • Slot scanner
  • Pen wand
  • Image scanner
  • CCD scanner
  • Lasser scanner

It can be concluded that wireless barcode readers are mainly handled as an electronic devices used for scanning barcodes. It emits a laser beam and scans the barcode to offer the user data.

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